4K City Walks: Cullen to Findlater Castle – Scottish Coastal Walking Treadmill video

I’m trying a different kind of virtual walk this time. I do a lot of nature walks but I haven’t filmed any of them. This is a treadmill trails walk along the Moray Coastal Trail to Findlater Castle. It’s a 16th century castle ruin perched on a cliff above a rocky sea. The day was rainy and I did my best to keep the rain off the lens. The walk is partially on paved and gravel path but mostly single track through tall grass and over Sunnyside beach which is small but secluded.
Please let me know if you like this type of virtual hike or not. I suspect those looking for a treadmill virtual walk to walk at home will like it and others more interested in travel and cities might not. But, let me know.

Also, this walk is one of my longest at well over an hour.

We loved our time in Cullen, a little village on the Moray Coast of Scotland. We had such a good time exploring the history and nature of the area and enjoying the little nooks and crannies. I’m not sure we would have ever found Findlater Castle if we hadn’t stayed nearby. It’s along a lonely section of the Moray Coat Trail. The Moray Coast Trail is a 72KM long walking path along the coast.

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