Garden of the Gods Walking Tour – Walking Trails for Treadmill – 4K City Walks Virtual Walk Colorado

I can remember doing a similar walk 20 years ago only vaguely with my parents. The Garden of the Gods National Natural Landmark leaves an impression though, and I wanted to return to share it with you. The striking colors of the red rocks makes the area stand out and the vertical fins rising several stories above the trail left me with a sense of awe at the natural beauty. THere were lots of people there this day but plenty of space on the trail. I didn’t do the driving loop because the traffic was heavy but I thought the walk was fairly easy and much quicker than waiting for all the cars ahead to move. I can’t wait to go back and take my kids.

I hope you enjoy these virtual walks and treadmill scenery videos. I really do mean it when I say how much I enjoy reading your comments so please feel free to leave one below. Also, remind me if I forget to follow through with one of the things I say I’m going to do in the walks. Thanks and keep on Steppin’ -H

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