It’s a sunny spring day in the Gateway town of Gardiner Montana, on the edge of Yellowstone National Park. We start off showing you the famous Roosevelt Arch with a view looking down the Yellowstone River valley. From here we can also see the old town section of Gardiner with its old storefronts built right on the border of Yellowstone. I take you back through some residential streets by the high school. We see some lazy elk and then back through a couple streets and then over the high bridge, over the Yellowstone River to the north side of town, and from there we walk up the main street. This area has  several river rafting companies, restaurants and hotels. Along the way, I tell you about various restaurants, hotels, shops, and activities in the area.
These walking tours for treadmill through historic Gardiner Montana help make your cardio workout go faster. I hope you enjoy them. Keep on Steppin’.

City Walks – Gardiner Montana Virtual Treadmill Walking Tour Video – Virtual Walks for Treadmill

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