Spring time walk in Gardiner, a town on the edge of Yellowstone.

Virtual Treadmill Walking Workout in Gardiner, MT

Gardiner Montana Virtual Walk and Treadmill Tour Video – 4k City Walks

Store fronts in Gardiner, Montana on cloudy day during virtual walk
Store fronts facing Yellowstone Park Street

We are back in the little town of Gardiner on a grey spring day. Gardiner has a ton of charm and during the summer, it fills with happy tourists here to visit the National Park to the south. But in April, the town doesn’t have many visitors and stays pretty quiet. It’s a great time to visit even though most of the roads in the park are still closed.
We start our walk at the first boat ramp you can legally use on the Yellowstone River. We get a nice overlook as the river exits the park.

Park above boat ramp at start of our city walks
View of the boat ramp in town where you have to walk your boat down.

From there we duck into a little residential area and then make our way back to park street where we get a good view of some new construction going in where they had a bad fire in 2021. We also get to see the old storefronts and head over to the Roosevelt Arch.

Yellowstone Raft company tent on citywalk
Long term/temporary home of yellowstone raft company

We return to Yellowstone River and cross the bridge exploring as we go. This north side of the river has several shops and restaurants as well as more rafting and tour companies. We’ll also pass an eBike rental and tour company.

Cowboys bar and restaurant on our citywalk
The Cowboy bar and lodging has some great outdoor seating.

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