It’s strange to think of winter as having a rainbow of colors but the light saturated every part of the spectrum on this one.

The Virtual Treadmill Walk:

Montana Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill – New Trail – City Walks 4K

people around fire in snowy mountains of montana
A few days before, the sun hid behind clouds and we huddled around fires to stay warm

Thanks to @TravelingMel for suggesting this route. As I explain in the above video, rather than go shopping, we were out with friends to grab a Christmas tree and congregate around a fire on a cold day. The light snow had highlighted the rocky cliffs and the peaks stood out against the grey clouds. Mel and Finn did this walk to just get some nature therapy and scout for trees.
On today’s walk, the sun is out and, while cold, the hiking is grand. The views kick in right from the parking lot. We then head up into the trees and loop around to the Pine Creek trail. From there, we make our way back through the parking lot and campground with a diversion over to see the actual creek. The light just keeps getting better.

Sunny road through Pine Creek Campground
The last bit of the road up to Pine Creek is gravel

I make these virtual walking tours for my own health but also to help those of you who need some diversion during your workouts. Health and fitness is a quality of life issue. I know it can get hard to get outside when the weather won’t cooperate or to keep going for that extra few minutes on the treadmill or rowing machine. I hope these walks for health and fitness help you keep on steppin’ -Henry

Icy water in Pine Creek
The water looks cold as it runs beneath the trees but also so beautiful with the ice and colored rocks

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