Hotel and cafe in Venice near Piazza San Marco
Piazza San Marco has many fancy cafes

Venice, Italy Treadmill Entertainment – City Walks Virtual Treadmill Workout and Walking Tour

Hello Walkers! We really enjoyed the several days we spent exploring Venice. It is a magical place. Today’s treadmill walking scenery begins at the Giardini della Bienalle, a large garden east end of Venice. We then walk along the Grand Canal to Saint Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco). There we see the Doges Palace and then walk under the Torre dell’Orologio and through the major tourist routes with many chic restaurants and fashion stores. Eventually, we finish up at the Campo Santa Maria Formosa.
I hope you enjoy this 4k virtual treadmill city walk through Venice, Italy and maybe it helps you get through your treadmill workout for weight loss and fitness or just helps you relax.

Gondola in the Grand Canale in Venice, Italy
Gondolas and the Rialto are quintessential Venice and easily seen on this virtual walk

We really enjoyed our time in Venice. While the city filled up with other tourists during the day, the mornings and evenings were wonderfully quiet. We rented a VRBO with a charming land lord in a quiet part of the island. Everything is close enough to walk in Venice though it’s good to have a phone with a map to help you navigate. At the end of our 5 day trip, I was actually starting to get a sense of direction there. The streets are filled with the smells of fine, small restaurants and the neighborhood campi fill with locals at the end of the day. Kids play soccer and adults socialize. It’s charming beyond description.

St Mark's Bell Tower in Piazza San Marco
Quarters are tight in Venice but open up in Piazza San Marco

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