We are at the Grand Canyon. It’s cold and windy as we walk along the Rim Trail.

The Treadmill Walking Video

Grand Canyon Rim Trail Virtual Walking Trail in Winter

The Grand Canyon is the most popular national park in the United States. It get’s talked up as one of the most amazing scenes in the world but I have to say, it’s not overhyped. My first look took my breath away, especially since it was right at sunset. Sorry, the walk is the next day in the cloudy windy weather.

Boy looking out at Grand Canyon at sunset before virtual walking tour
Anders looks out over the canyon at sunset the day before our walk

As we make our way north we make a short 1 day stop at the Grand Canyon= National Park. We are at the more popular South Rim which is also the only part open. We are at nearly 7000ft of elevation and so we’ll encounter some snow on our walk as we make our way along the Grand Canyon Rim Trail from the Powell Monument to El Tovar Lodge. The views are stunning but so is the ecosystem. I hope you enjoy this virtual nature walking tour from one of the most iconic locations in the US and Arizona. Keep on Steppin’ -H

Boy standing on rim of Grand Canyon
Anders looking out over the Grand Canyon

Pine trees on edge of Grand Canyon during Virtual Walking Tour
The colors of the Grand Canyon really wow.

Cold but Less Crowded Time to Visit

Along the Rim Trail we find several different lookouts. In the summer, they close the access road and have a system of free shuttle buses. In the winter they open the road b/c there are so few visitors. Something like 6 Million visitors come to the park every year, mostly in Summer. It’s hard to imagine how crowded it must get.

The park has several different lodges and campgrounds and of course you can stay outside the park in nearby Tusayan, AZ which has several hotels and eateries. However, my dream is to arrive by train and stay at El Tovar Lodge. This historic lodge is one of three on the rim of the canyon. We go inside and see a bit of it at the end of the walk.

Train at the Grand Canyon Station near El Tovar Lodge during our walking tour
The train arrives right near the canyon rim and several lodges

The entrance to El Tovar Lodge in Grand Canyon National Park
Just before going into El Tovar Lodge on our Virtual Walking Tour

This walk is a bit longer but I think the views are worth it. I really enjoyed our short time there and would love to go back in warmer weather and maybe hike down into the canyon.

Keep on Steppin’ -H

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