Virtual Walk in Icy Hardin MT – Walking Trails For Treadmill – 4k Montana Walking Tour – City Walks

Today’s virtual walks for treadmill, I show you Hardin Montana, a small town south of Billings and north of Little Bighorn Battlefield. The icy treadmill walking scenery was cold to film but also pretty and magical with the winter fog. Hardin has a sugar beet plant outside of town and lies on the edge of the reservation of the Crow people. They have a museum on the outskirts of town by I-90. I hope you enjoy the latest of our walking tours for treadmill. A virtual treadmill walk and virtual walking helps give a bit of exercise and break the tedium.
Please feel free to share your stories about Hardin and your feedback on our scenic walking trails for treadmill. I really do appreciate them.

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