4K City Walks: Helena Montana 4K virtual treadmill walking tour

We take you around Montana’s capital city. We start at the Capitol building and over through some residential areas to the main downtown area and pedestrian mall. We walk past Reeders alley and down to Exploration works and the Great Northern Carousel, past several restuarants, breweries, ice cream shops, and hotels, then back over past the Cathedral. Take the opportunity to walk through this historic city and visit if you get the chance.
Helena Montana is more than just the state capital. It’s a great city with great museums and restaurants and breweries and a love of the outdoors. Just minutes from the Missouri River and Canyon Ferry lake. It also has some wonderful history. I stopped off on my way to Whitefish to take a 45 minute walking tour through the city. I started at the capitol and made my way over to the walking mall and cathedral. I’m trying a new camera on this one so it’s in full 4K video.

Helena dates back to 1864 when prospectors discovered gold in Last Chance Gulch. Helena was the third or fourth Territorial / State capital and there’s a lot of history of that drama.

See links below that I mention in the video.

If you’re visiting Helena and looking for things to do, here’s a few we listed on one of our other channels: https://youtu.be/_22HkBnfSaQ

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