The Treadmill Walking Tour:

City Walks – Helena Montana – Capital City Virtual Walking Tour for Treadmill – 4k

The carousel in Helena
This end of Last Chance Gulch has a bunch of great things for families with small kids

We’re walking in Helena again. After such a great time livestreaming a morning walk in the capital city of Montana, I turned around and took some streets we missed on the live session. Farmers markets, merry go rounds, sporting fields, a giant dog and lots of beautiful spring weather. I hope you enjoy this wonderful treadmill walk through Helena MT. I’ll be back to live streaming and premiering soon because I love chatting and interacting with you all. -H

crowds at farmers market during virtual walking tour of Helena Montana
Helena has a great farmers market which is somehow quiet but busy at the same time

Update: I’d forgotten about the live streaming but I do remember the wonderful early summer/ late spring weather on that day. Helena has such a great location. It has some hills to get the blood pumping or you can stay down low and take it easy. One of the best things about walking in Helena though is the historic pedestrian area along Last Chance Gulch. Lined with a great mix of offices, hotels, shops, and restaurants, wandering around and soaking up the history doesn’t take much effort. It’s a great area to spend a weekend morning if you are traveling through.

Head up the hill towards the capitol to see some of the historic mansions from the state’s mining hayday, when robber barons battled for the honor of the capital city.

Bullwhacker statue and old buildings on Last Chance Gulch in Helena MT
Laughing kids and adults in cafes team up with book stores and breweries

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Historic Mansions seen on virtual waking tour of Helena MT
The historic old victorian homes above Last Chance Gulch in Helena

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