Another soothing and relaxing beach bound virtual walking tour. California has a few beaches, many you’ve heard of. I’d never heard of Hueneme Beach, though I think most locals know of it. Despite the wind and careening baby stroller, we had a very relaxing walk along the beach.

Virtual Treadmill Walking Tour:

Hueneme Beach, California – Treadmill Walking Tour and Scenery Virtual Beach Walks –

This week we are in Hueneme Beach, California. Not too far from Camarillo, it’s a lovely beach though we went on a pretty windy day. Luckily we missed the fires that had been plaguing the area. I start out on the end of the pier and walk back to the beach, through palms being blown around by the wind, and then south-ish along the beach to see the birds before turning back and almost being taken out by a runaway baby stroller (empty).

Hueneme Beach Pier on windy day
I just love the color of the ocean here. Lots of wind but still a nice walk

The Hueneme Beach pier makes a great start for our virtual walking tours. We didn’t exactly explore but there’s a handy paid parking lot and a fun pier to walk out over the water. We pass the giant sundial

Hueneme was the second largest grain shipping port on the Pacific coast between 1871 and 1895.
Port Hueneme has a south-facing sand beach, known for its surfing. The beach has a A 650-foot-long (200 m) wooden fishing pier that they built in 1956 as a construction trestle for a sewer outfall pipeline. The fishing pier is now 1,250 feet (380 m) long after having been modified over the years.

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Sea birds on the shore of California
Shore birds just add to the simple beauty

Port Hueneme is a small beach city in Ventura County, California surrounded by the city of Oxnard and the Santa Barbara Channel. The name derives from the Spanish spelling of the Ventureño phrase wene me, meaning “Resting Place”. Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo explored this area and the adjacent Channel Islands in October 1542. The town’s name was officially changed to Port Hueneme in 1939 and was incorporated March 24, 1948.

Thomas Bard learned of the submarine canyon at Point Hueneme and took advantage of the canyon depth to construct the Hueneme Wharf in 1871 here.The existing street grid of the town was formally laid out in 1888. Until the construction of the Montalvo Cutoff that brought the railroad to nearby Oxnard, the wharf was the principal means of transportation for that portion of Ventura County lying south of the Santa Clara River. Hueneme was the second largest grain shipping port on the Pacific coast between 1871 and 1895. Both the Port of Hueneme and Naval Base Ventura County lie within city limits.

Port Hueneme has a south-facing sand beach, known for its surfing. The beach has a wooden fishing pier and is about a mile long between Ormond Beach downcoast and Point Hueneme Light at the harbor entrance shared by the naval base and the port. The Waterfront Promenade, also known as the Lighthouse Promenade, provides a paved public access along the shoreline with two historic sites at view points: the 1872 Wharf and the Oxnard Packing House.

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