The capitol building in Helena has the typical domed structure but also a ton of history particular to Montana.

Beautiful Interior Views of Montana Capitol Building – 4K City Walks -Virtual Walking Treadmill Tour

I love the fact that we can walk around the State Capitol building without metal detectors or heavy security. You can pretty much just walk into the Governor’s office if you wanted. On another occasion (a film shoot of Governor Schwietzer ) the Lt. Governor invited me into his office while I was waiting. The building itself dazzles in this virtual walk. Beautiful stairwells and ornate fixtures and decorations harken back to the wealth and glory of the Montana’s mineral extraction heyday. The state motto is Oro y Plata (gold and silver). The flags out front include the flags of several of eight tribal nations as well as the US and Montana flags. I enjoyed making this oversized virtual house tours and these virtual walks for treadmill. See the wikipedia entry below for more detailed info on the domed capitol building in Helena, Montana. Also, please let me know if you enjoy these types of indoor virtual walking tours.

The original capitol was erected between 1896 and 1902 with the two side wing-annexes added between 1909 and 1912. It’s built out of Montana sandstone and granite.

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