Sign for Kellogg Wildcats on fence seen during city walk
Kellogg Wildcats local team and field that we bass on our City Walk

Welcome to Kellogg, Idaho in the heart of Shoshone County! While Kellogg is a tourist town, people live there too. Obvious, but it’s good to remember. The people are what forms and defines a community ultimately. I really enjoy exploring the residential areas of a place for this reason. Though, of course, the central downtown areas get the focus of most of these virtual tours of cities.

The weather was great for a virtual walking tour of town. Kellogg has so much to offer tourists including scenery, restaurants, and an assortment of activities. As far as best activities in Kellogg, it has a gondola that goes for over 3 miles up to Silver Mountain ski hill from the Silver Mountain resort which also has an indoor water park. The town also has the Trail of the Cascades running through it, a 75 mile paved bike path! A few restaurants and hotels dot the town and at least one brewery. I’ve had comments saying it’s a good one. So, plenty to do here when you add in the surrounding mountain trails. I have to imagine mountain biking trails dot the surrounding forests as well.

This little mining town is situated in the Silver Valley along the Interstate 90 corridor and was actually named after a prospector, not the cereal inventor. Mining has played an important roll in Kellogg but has yielded to tourism in the last few decades. And it’s a beautiful location. Such a nice place to walk and explore.

home made knight sculpture passed on our virtual walking tour
Eclectic art. It’s one of the many details I love discovering on these city walks

I hope you enjoy this treadmill walking trail scenery. It’s a great diversion if you like to walk at home. -Henry

The Northern Panhandle of Idaho has a lot of beautiful country and small western towns. We’ve mostly spent our Idaho trips down in the central area but love finding new places to visit up north. We’d like to venture even further north into the smaller towns above I-90 some day but that will have to wait. In the mean time take a look through the below virtual walking tours we have filmed in the area.
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Salmon Idaho at Night. A virtual walk
Salmon Idaho Virtual Treadmill Walk

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