Walking from the top of the Castle high above the town and bay of Kotor

Today we explore the city of Kotor, Montenegro. We descend from Fort St. John with its stunning views, through the old town, past the cathedral, and out through the walls to the bay.
Kotor is a fortified medieval city nestled in a fjord on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, in a bay surrounded by limestone cliffs. Defined by winding medieval streets and squares, its old town has several Romanesque churches, including Kotor Cathedral of St Tryphon and is overlooked by Fort St. John.
Please enjoy this journey and travel guide to Kotor Montenegro and the bay below.
Video Contents:
00:30 – Fort St. John and views of Bay of Kotor
4:38 – Mid Fort
10:57 – Lower Fort
18:30 – Church of Our Lady of Remedy
29:10 – entering city of Kotor
30:24 – Kotor Cathedral of Saint Tryphon
32:40 – Main Gate in City Walls
33:33 – Yachts in Bay of Kotor

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