Lava Lake Treadmill Walking Video:

Lava Lake Trail Virtual Hike in Montana’s Madison Range, Virtual Treadmill Walking Video

Lava Lake in Montana looking through trees during a virtual walk
On a hot day, the water looks so inviting but we’ve got miles to go before we soak.

This area has a ton of trails around but many of them are long and steep and sometimes not that accessible. Lava Lake Trail in the Gallatin Valley between Bozeman and Big Sky, Montana lends itself to a moderate hiker. The hike fills about 6 miles round trip and pretty steep but you start out next to the Gallatin River and end up at a gorgeous alpine lake encircled by mountains.

Lava Creek flows amongst the ferns where city walks live
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In our case, we actually start at the lake and work our way down. It was an invigorating walk up but I wanted to spare you the huffing and puffing sounds that went with it. This is a LONG one for me. about an hour and twenty three minutes, BUT, it’s also a very pretty walk.

The Gallatin River flowing past the trailhead in Gallatin Canyon
Reaching the Gallatin River makes for a nice reward after a hot hiking day.

While the mature forest blocks most of the views on the way down, we get a few rewards. Firstly, I really enjoy just being in the forest. Second, we get some calming views of the lake through the trees, a creek, and then of course, we can soak our feet in the Gallatin River.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks to all of you and especially our Patreon Supporters. -H

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