Finding time between the rain to virtual walk

June Virtual Walk in Livingston for Treadmill:

City Walks – Livingston MT – Stormy Spring Hill treadmill trail walk

I’ve been dodging rain storms all day and finally found a clear 40 minutes to film another walk in Livingston. What I like about this are the views from the hill. An absolutely beautiful evening walk.

Southerly view from Livingston's Hill during our virtual walk
Looking south as clouds pile up on the Wine Glass area

We start on the top of the North Side Hill with views stretching out to the mountains and plains of the north and east. The storm clouds are threatening but mostly pass us by. As we make our way down, our view shifts southward and the evening light really lights up the new grass with it’s golden hues. Very poetic.

House on dirt road with golden light and views of the mountains as seen on our virtual walk
I really liked the light on this house. They must have some epic views of Livingston

Livingston in June tends toward wetter with afternoon thunderstorms. But honestly, they mostly pass by fairly quickly and leave us with the rest of the day to enjoy. That said, if you are out on a trail, you’ll want to be prepared for all kinds of weather.

Evening light on grassy ravine in Livingston, Montana
This ravine dries up later in the year but it sure is beautiful now.

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