4K City Walks – Livingston Montana USA – March 23 – Rural Virtual Treadmill Scenery Walk and Travel

Continuing on with the idea that information can help calm some of those worries we have nagging at the back of our minds. 4K City Walks – Livingston Montana USA – March 23 – Rural Virtual Treadmill Scenery Walk and Travel is my walk today through Livingston Montana during a period of Social distancing and state of emergency. Please FORGIVE THE WIND NOISE! It’s a windy place.
After I filmed this, the governor put out shelter in place order closing most retail. I haven’t looked up the details but I believe we can still go outside if we maintain 6 feet of distance.
I’ve enjoyed seeing other channels posting what their cities look like around the world as this Corona Virus pandemic spreads. I haven’t seen a lot about how rural towns are faring. Livingston is a town of just 8000 in a county of about 17000 people. We are rural America. Events are moving quickly and so I will be letting you know the filming day of videos going forward. Montana is under a state of emergency and all schools, bars, restaurants, gyms, and non-essential public gathering places are banned. Gallatin County (where Bozeman is) is right over the pass to the West and has become the center of infections in the state. As of this writing there are 38 of the 90 confirmed cases in the state. 7 of these 90 are severe enough to require hospitalization yet and the number is growing quickly. As you will see, the streets are mostly empty. Grocery stores and other retail are open but traffic is light. At the end of this walk I visit a grocery store and give you an idea of what that looks like. The shelves on Tuesday were much less stocked than today. There was ven Toilet paper today! There are limits on purchases of that and other important basics which has helped calm things down. Things are OK here for now. Please stay safe and look after each one another and support your local Youtuber. 🙂

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