We have some nice spring weather even though I know it’s a lie and winter is waiting in the wings yet.

Livingston Walking Video for Treadmill:

False Spring in Livingston MT – Treadmill Virtual Walking Tour – 4k City Walks

Western View from Livingston Soccer Fields on a virtual city tours of Livingston, Montana
Looking west from the Soccer fields of Livingston as we start our citywalk

We have a lovely sunny morning to walk around town. I’m a day late b/c I took Easter off but in return I’m doing a new route around town to give even more robust view of the town. We start up at the north side soccer fields with views in most directions, especially down to Paradise Valley where the fictional Dutton family supposedly lives.

Looking along street to Paradise Valley, Montana on a citywalk live
Great views for those that live up here on the hill

We then head around the rim of the hill we are on that overlooks Livingston. It’s a nice little residential neighborhood with more views to the east and the Absaroka range. It’s a bit chilly with the breeze but it’s at our back so that’s ok.

Railroad tracks near downtown Livingston during citywalk
The railroad tracks run through the heart of Livingston, Montana

We descend to Livingston’s level and cross the railroad tracks to Park Street and end our walking tour on 2nd street downtown. It’s easy to take these views for granted but filming these walks around Livingston helps remind me of how really beautiful a place it is. Thanks for joining me and Keep On Steppin’ -H

Businesses and store fronts on Park Street in Livingston, Montana as seen on a treadmill city walk
Classic and iconic Park Street buildings include the Murray Hotel and Dan Bailey’s

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