sign warning about rattle snakes on the trail
While I’ve never seen one while walking this trail, rattle snakes do live here.

Today’s virtual walking trails for treadmill is one of our favorite in town trails in Livingston. We used to take our kids on it when they were little because they had not trouble toddling along the fairly level path. It also has lots of fun stimulating features like wetlands and mountain views as well as wonderful bird song. The views south of the Absaroka and Gallatin mountain ranges are nice too. We like to walk this trail in spring because it get’s plenty of sunshine and has a ton of song birds migrating through. Also, the mountain trails are often still muddy and snowy.

The Walking Tour:

Livingston Nature Trails, the Bozeman Trail Connector and Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill – Montana

Here’s some beautiful Montana 4k Scenery as we take a walking tour of one of the local trails in Livingston’s north side. We get great views of the mountains along the creek and wetlands.

This trail is easy and accessible. It’s very safe but it’s possible to see prairie rattle snakes and occasionally mountain lions haunt the area. I’ve never seen either on the trail but others have. You can also see lots of water birds and muskrats and other prairie song birds.

After a long winter of harsh weather, spring weather will often let us get out and start rebuilding our health and fitness. It’s why we love walking.

A wetland in park county montana
We love spying waterfowl and we’ve even caught pollywogs here

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