Wagon of flowers in Covent Garden, London
Fun to explore parts of London in our Virtual Walks

London – Covent Garden – Virtual Walk – Walking Through London City Guide – 4K City Walks

This video is provided by Living Walks as a collaboration/exchange. I sent them some video of Budapest so be sure to check out their great walking channel.
Covent Garden is of course famous part of London and home to the Royal Opera House. When we’ve been there in the past, there have been many buskers and street performers who are fun to watch and you’ll see several in this walk. It’s a great tourist area with lots of activities and things to see and things to do in London. I hope you enjoy this walk and check out Living Walks channel to see more from them.

Street scene from Covent Garden during the fall
We love walking the Streets of Covent Garden in London

Explore London in this Virtual walk through the city on the Thames. Virtual walks for treadmill and virtual walking trails can be such a great way to explore treadmill walking scenery while on your treadmill exercise routine. A virtual hike or virtual treadmill walk is much better than just staring at the wall or getting angry at cable news. Walking trails for treadmill with treadmill walking scenery is just more enjoyable. Thank for watching and walking along with us.

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