4K City Walks: Borough Market to Trafalgar Square – London – Virtual Walk Walking Treadmill Video

In this London, England Walking Tour, we start at Borough Market and make our way over to Trafalgar square via Shakespeare’s Globe Theater ( 10:00 ) and the Swan, then past the Tate Modern Art Museum (12:32) and over the Millennium Bridge ( 13:12 ). We then go past St Paul’s Cathedral (19:00) and the near by City of London Information Kiosk (20:00) along Fleet Street (22:00) past the Royal Courts of Justice (31:21) Which I mistake for the Old Bank of England and onto the Strand. We pass the Savoy Theater at 42:00 and Leicester Square at 49:30, a quick dip into China Town at 52:00, Piccadilly Circus at 56:00, and finally past the Canadian Embassy (1:01:00)and into Trafalgar Square at 1:02:00 where we will see the Nelson Monument, Lion Statues, National Gallery, and St Martens in the Fields.

We love London but because it’s so expensive we’ve only stayed brief stints but we’ve gone back several times now. The city has so much vibrancy and so much to offer. It’s big but very walkable and at the same time has a great transportation network. I love the mix of history and modernity there and of course all the wonderful culture. Can’t wait to get back.

Explore London in this Virtual walk through the city on the Thames. Thank for watching and walking along with us. Keep on Steppin’ -H

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