Commuters walking up the steps to Tower Bridge in London
London has such a romantic history but it’s a place where real people make their home

Walking tours of London can teach you so much. Just walking around and exploring gives a glimpse of so much not shown on the glossy tv travel shows or Hollywood movies. Everyday life can be so much more interesting.

Old Street to Tower Bridge In London – 4K City Walks – Virtual Walk Walking Treadmill Video

In this virtual walk we start at our Hotel near the Old Street Metro station (a Holiday Inn Express London City) and make our way down through the financial district, past the tower of London and over Tower Bridge. I’m sure I get some things wrong so, if you are local or know something I missed or got wrong, please correct me. I may have miscalled a building the new scotland yard. I can’t remember and couldn’t find it in the video but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do it. 🙁
I was really impressed by the modern architecture mixed with the old historic building as well as all the people on bikes. It was fantastic to see that. Though, does anyone know if there is a law prohibiting electric bikes? I was surprised that I didn’t really see any. Since I filmed this, ebikes have exploded (sometimes literally) in popularity and are changing the face of transportation.

We walk past the walky-talky building and the Gherkin building, such great (informal) names. We had gone to the Tower of London the day before and had a great time learning about all the history, but I’d never walked across the Tower Bridge. It was cool to see the boat tours going below on the Thames.

Royal guards in the tower of London with red coats and black bear skin hats
History is everywhere in London, especially at the Tower.

Melynda, my wife, took a tour of the towers on the bridge the day before and said there’s a glass walkway that she had to work up the courage to walk on.
All in all, I love the city of London. It’s so vibrant and colorful with history and modern culture and great pubs and restaurants too. I’d go back in a flash.

London has 3.5 Million people and a history dating back well over a thousand years. From Vikings to Tech Moguls, London has run the gamut.

Explore London in this Virtual walk through the city on the Thames -Henry

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