Walking Tour of Loveland Colorado – Walking Trails for Treadmill – 4K City Walks Virtual Walk

I had never actually been to Loveland though I’ve driven by on the highway (this will be a theme on this road trip) so I decided to take you around the little downtown area which has some great little restaurants and coffee shops and bars, etc. Of course, it got started back during the 1860’s gold rush and was actually a utopian colony. I had such a bright lovely day to explore this little downtown area. I hope you enjoy it as well.

This lovely city walking tour or treadmill virtual walk is the latest of our walking trails for treadmill. I make 4k city walks for your treadmill workout. This scenic walking videos for treadmill is one of 26 I recently filmed on a road trip through Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. Subscribe, enable notifications, and click that bell icon to get notified of new treadmill walking scenery videos. If you like my waking tours for treadmill, I hope you will share them with your friends. They also might like city walks and treadmill workout scenery. Thanks for your help.
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