Yellowstone National Park has some amazing hikes and walks. Some of them are in the mountains and some are along beautiful rivers and streams.

Yellowstone Virtual Walks – Madison Junction – Walking Along Madison River – 4k Calming Treadmill Workout

In today’s free virtual walking trails for treadmill, we take you along the iconic Madison River in Yellowstone National Park. The smokey skies obscure the forests and mountains. We have the riverside trail along the river all by ourselves for this virtual treadmill scenery walk. The trail starts out near and passes by the Madison Junction Campground.

The smooth flowing water and the sandy gritty soil make for an austere atmosphere. We pass a flock of mergansers and some geese. A family sits and plays in the river together. Thousands of grasshoppers flush from the dry brittle grass at every step. I keep an eye out for rising trout but don’t see any. The riverside trail is actually kept clear by fishermen.

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