People taking photos of Mammoth Hotspring
Virtual Walks lead to great photos

It’s Spring time and we take you back to Yellowstone’s Mammoth Terraces, aka Mammoth Hot Springs, to wander around the amazing thermal features and the marvelous terraces they have constructed over the eons. While it can get crowded in the day, if you get there early, you can have it nearly to yourself.

Walking Tour Mammoth Terraces in Yellowstone National Park – Virtual Walking Trails

With warmer weather comes more visitors and a bit of construction which requires us to split this walk a bit so I had to stop and restart the camera after about a third. The terraces also seemed less active than in the past, but still beautiful with the contrasting oranges, greens, and brilliant whites. The colors are created mostly by the cyanobacteria and other extremophiles.

Colored layers in Mammoth Terraces in yellowstone
Gold and white contrast the green forest on our virtual walk along the boardwalk

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Walking tours for treadmill get the heart pumping without the adrenaline that mainstream tv has evolved to do. While our channel name is City Walks, we often branch out to virtual walks in nature and walking trails for treadmill. We hope to provide virtual walks for treadmill that help you relax instead of watching news or dramatic tv that is designed to raise your cortisol levels. Let us know how we did in the comments below

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