Our virtual walking tours include beaches, nature hikes, as well as virtual city tours. Manhattan beach has a lot going for it. Take walk and forget the grind of your cardio workout.

Beach Treadmill Workout Video:

Manhattan Beach Walking Tour – California Walking Trails for Treadmill – 4k City Walks Virtual Walk

This one’s just a simple virtual beach walk I did for you. It’s of iconic Manhattan Beach on a beautiful day. It’s a Sunday morning so things are relatively quiet but still a lot going on with surfing classes, yoga, beach church services, and a fun run fundraiser along the bike path. I hope you enjoy it. -H

View down foot path to Ocean at Manhattan Beach, California where we start our virtual walking tour
Such an iconic framing in Manhattan Beach

Walking along Manhattan beach on a cool sunny morning goes a long way to explaining why people love it. I know it’s gotten on the wrong side of the partisan politics these days but this part seems pretty nice. We start amongst the fancy homes and make our way north along the beach.

Tractor cleans Manhattan Beach near Life guard station on our virtual walk
How the keep this large beach clean

One of the first things we see is how they keep the beach clean. Because they have so much beach, both wide and long, they use these tractors to rake up the trash. I barely saw any trash and that’s before you consider literally the millions of people that live in the region.

Handicapped access mats on the sand of Manhattan Beach during our virtual walk
Not everyone can walk across the sand. These mats make people requiring wheels to enjoy the beach as well.

I was wondering what these mats are for but realized that they are for handicapped access so families who have kids or adults in wheelchairs can get further out onto the sand. I like simple and functional solutions like this.

Of course, California Beaches call for surfers and lifeguards. They have these huts every 1/4 mile or so. They’re kind of iconic from TV shows and movies.  Keep on Steppin’ -H

surfers and lifeguard shack on Manhattan Beach during virtual walk
How most of us think of California Beach life.

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