4K City Walks: McCall Idaho virtual treadmill walking tour

We recently took a winter trip over to Idaho and stayed in the alpine resort area of McCall, Idaho. In addition to skiing, snow showing, and x-country skiing, sleigh rides, and snow tubing, there are several hot springs in the area and many hotels and restaurants and at least three breweries (More about McCall and Idaho from TravelingMel). The town reminded me a lot of little mountain towns in the NE of the US. We’ve actually had a low snow year so far in Montana so we were happy to find some ski-able terrain. And, since its a small western town, everyone had a friendly and welcoming attitude. We stayed at the historic Hotel McCall which is where we start our walk. A heavy fog had settled in and obscures some of the views but lends its own special ambiance.

McCall is a relatively short but beautiful drive north of Boise, the capital. We had such a good time visiting this little gem of a ski town. It has such a lovely and welcoming charm that we’d love to get back there and spend more time. Have you been to McCall? Have special memories from there? Feel to share them with us!

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