Enjoy the last of the autumn colors along the Yellowstone River in this lovely virtual nature walk

Livingston MT Meyers River View Autumn Colors – Relaxing Virtual Slow Travel Walking- 4k City Walks

I thought the recent snow storm would have taken all the leaves off the trees but somehow they survived and we get the benefit of the fall colors again. Meyers river view trail is a cooperative effort between the FWP, Meyers family, and Artemis foundation and is a great place for a relaxing walk.

I’m a fan of slow traveling. It’s what my family has done since 2016 (well until the recent unpleasantness). Slow travelling is a great way to experience a new place. You discover new places, little nooks of beauty, and fascinating details that others might miss on the beaten down tourist track. I don’t do a lot of research before my walks. There’s better resources out there for that kind of thing and besides, the discoveries are half the fun. Join me on my walks and we’ll have a great time as we travel slowly together. -H

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