Mill Creek View in Winter
Filming virtual walking tours takes me to some lovely places

Snowy holiday stroll along snowy West Mill Creek, where we also get our Christmas trees. The road we walk along here has several trails leading off of it and the road actually goes up further. The main road along Mill Creek has several more trails that I hope to explore in future videos. You can also go dog sledding up there in the winter which we’ve done. It’s a blast and the winter ice on the creek adds some sparkling beauty too. Because the sun this far north stays low int winter, I had a narrow window to film in this valley. The temps drop quickly when the sun goes behind the mountain but I was dressed for it.

Montana Winter Nature Walk – Virtual Walking Trail along Mill Creek with virtual walking trails for treadmill

I took an afternoon to film for another channel and to do another Montana nature walk just off of Paradise Valley. This one is in the West Fork of the Mill Creek drainage. I like filming the virtual walking trails when I’m not doing actual virtual tours of cities. In this one I also give some shout outs, as promised in earlier videos, and give another “Secret Word”.\

Bridge over mill creek in montana during a virtual walking tour
The shadows are noticeably colder

If you like these virtual walks for treadmill please let us know in the comments. The urban walking tours for treadmill are fun as well but so are these wonderful nature walks.  Mill creek is a beautiful mountain valley with several trails leading off to either side and some decent skiing once we’ve gotten some snow. So, there’s lots of opportunities for more virtual walking trails for treadmill.

This should come out on Christmas Eve so Happy/Merry Christmas if that’s your holiday and happy solstice, happy new year, happy winter, etc if that’s your thing. Here’s to more treadmill walking scenery to come.

Icy Mill Creek during virtual walking tour in Montana
I hope this makes your treadmill workout go faster

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