This one was by request and I’m excited to be able to fulfill this one. I’m especially happy because I’d forgotten how stunning it is back in here.

Montana Back Roads Treadmill Walking Video

Country Road Virtual Walk in Montana – Treadmill Walking Video

Absaroka Mountains from the north with snow in Spring during virtual walk
Breathtaking views looking south into the Absaroka Mountains

We have another rural country walk today. We are exploring Bruffey Lane, just outside of Livingston. This one was requested by a viewer and I was excited to be able to make that happen. And, the views blew me away. It was such a typical spring day: a bit chilly, a bit cloudy, but stunningly beautiful.

View along Bruffey Lane in Montana looking at snowy mountains during virtual Walk
Such a peaceful, quiet valley to walk along

Bruffey Lane is a short spur off of Swingley Road that leads up out of Livingston. I parked about half way in near the top of the incline. We start with some nice views out towards the Yellowstone Valley and the Crazy Mountains. I then round a corner and reveal some of the peaks of the Absarokas up close and personal.
I hope you enjoy the walk as well. Keep on Steppin’ -H

Looking down dirt road in Montana during virtual walk
I love the way this road invites you into the wildneress

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