Autumn colors in Montana
Autumn colors at the trailhead are just the first taste

We love the autumn colors in our Montana region. Today we return to Suce Creek, one of our favorite local trails. While I usually focus on virtual tours of cities, I do love a good virtual nature walk as well.

Montana Virtual Nature Hike for Treadmill:

The aspens and cotton woods are glowing with their yellow leaves in the morning sun. The air is a cool 43F and the breeze that rattles the leaves down in the valley can’t find its way up to the trail head. Even the grasses are getting in on the artistry. While the audio does cut out about 10 minutes from the end, this walk was a lot of fun to film.

Aspen Colors bright in fall
Lovely colors so bright and cheerful

The warnings of bear activity in the area add a little spice to the walk. I made sure to carry bear spray and to make plenty of noise as I walked along the forest trail. I think we pass the moose carcass that attracted the bears at about the 17minute mark. The magpies and crows provide the clue.

Bear warning sign on a tree during our citywalk
Several warnings about bear in the area around a moose carcass

I hope you enjoy the fall colors and the quiet walk. Keep on steppin’ -H

Glorious fall colors along dirt road in Montana on our virtual nature walk
The fall colors on today’s virtual walk are brilliant and bright

Trail Map:

map showing route of this virtual nature walk
map showing route of this virtual nature walk

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