Views of the Mountains along dirt road
It’s hard to get enough of these views of Paradise Valley

We’re back to nature on a breezy fall day in Paradise Valley. Today’s virtual walking tour is a nature walk. Due to hunting season, I opted out of a mountain trail. Also, I couldn’t find my blaze orange hat and vest. It’s really not dangerous but it’s better to be seen this time of year.

That said, TravelingMel suggested Strickland Road which leads west from the valley. I went out and scouted it and it looked like a great place to walk. I walked up a little over a mile and made my way back so the view would be of the snowy Absaroka Mountains. The clouds rolled in before I could start filming but when the light hit those peaks, the view was epic.


Two boys smile at massive forest fire
The photo of the Pine Creek Fire that I mention in the walking tour

In this treadmill walk I mention that just 22 minutes a day of moderate exercise can be enough to negate the effects of long term sitting. I think it’s important to remember that health and fitness doesn’t have to be painful or extreme. The fitness and exercise influencers out there and many of the brands propagate this myth because it’s exciting and attention grabbing. But, keep in mind that “better” is a huge step and the more you enjoy your exercise, the longer you will maintain the program.

Small stream in Montana
The stream adds some nice audio to the walk.

I’ve found myself avoiding going out because of the recent rough weather and it was a reminder as to why I make these videos. Sometimes a half hour on a treadmill is all we can manage. If these videos help distract you while you exercise so you can go longer, then that’s a win for everyone.  Hang in there, enjoy the scenery, and keep on steppin’ -Henry

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