Let’s take another morning virtual walking tour around charming, quiet El Segundo, California.

The Virtual Treadmill Walk:

California Walking Tour – El Segundo Virtual Treadmill Video – 4k City Walks

We have returned to sleepy El Segundo for a virtual walking tour on a winter morning. Though, it’s California so it’s hard to tell that winter is here. We’ve walked here before with a slightly different path so we see some new territory on this walk.

El Segundo City Park in morning during virtual walk
City Walks mean city parks too. El Segundo has a great one

Of course, that’s one of the draws of El Segundo: it’s small and quiet and local and near the beach. You rarely get that but because beach access is nestled between the Chevron property and the desalinization plant with very little parking, not many people choose to use this section of beach.

Pacific Ocean viewed from El Segundo, California
The view of the beach from the top of the hill on our city walking tour

In addition to downtown and a local park, we walk by the classic, almost cinematic highschool. It looks like it could be out of a John Hughes movie from the 80s. The downtown area has some really great restaurants and coffeeshops if you do manage to swing through here. I recommend Slice and Pint for pizza, Two Guns or Blue Butterfly for coffee and pastries, and Sausal for dinner. Though, honestly there’s a bunch of places I haven’t even tried yet.

Sausal Restaurant in El Segundo, California on morning virtual walking tour
We tried Sausal for the first time this year and it was delightful

I hope you enjoy this virtual walk for treadmill through El Segundo on a January, Sunday morning.

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