4K Yellowstone Walks – Trout Lake Otters and Fish – Yellowstone – Virtual Walking Trails Treadmill

Trout Lake Otters and Fish – Yellowstone – Virtual Nature Walking Trails for Treadmill is my favorite walk I’ve done in quite awhile. I took a day and went down to Yellowstone to film for my other channel, Amazing Nature Relaxation Therapy, and also to do a walk around Trout Lake near Cooke City and Silvergate, MT. The wild flowers had bloomed and I found lots of great relaxing shots to film but I also saw a lot of cool animals. At the lake, I filmed spawning cut throat trout, a ground squirrel that “hid” right next to the trail, a family of geese, and, best of all, two playful otters. I took some shaky closeups that I”ve added in to the walk (about 1 min) of the otters. Not filmed were three bears, two wolves, and lots of bison. I hope you enjoy this walk. I can’t convey the beauty of Yellowstone in words.

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