Beautiful blue and oranges around the thermal features
Upper geyser basin thermal feature

Get beyond the crowds around Old Faithful Geyser and explore the easily accessible board walks of the Upper Geyser Basin near Old Faithful Lodge.

Walking Around Old Faithful Geyser Basin – 4K Virtual Travel Walking Treadmill

We’re in Yellowstone National Park again. This morning you get to take a walk around the Upper Geyser Basin above Old Faithful Geyser and lodge in the world’s first national park with us, City Walks. Yellowstone had warm but smokey weather on this summer morning. We take you along over the Firehole River and along a couple of boardwalks around the geyser basin. The sepia tone of the video is from the early morning sun shining through the forest fire smoke. I hope you enjoy this nature walk and treadmill hiking scenery.

Yellowstone possesses close to 60 percent of the world’s geysers. The Upper Geyser Basin is home to the largest numbers found in the park. There are at least 150 of these hydrothermal wonders in one square mile. Only five major geysers are regularly predictable. These are Castle, Grand, Daisy, Riverside, and Old Faithful. However, the basin has many other beautiful thermal features and of course, great views back at the Old Faithful Lodge. To access the upper geyser basin, just follow the paved pathway over the firehole river where it turns into gravel and boardwalks.

See below for timecodes:

View of the firehole river near the upper geyser basin in yellowstone national park
00:52 – Old Faithful Geyser
07:52 – Observation Point Trail
06:45 – Firehole River
08:45 – Sulphide Spring
10:00 – Dome Geyser
10:42 – Infant Geyser
11:38 – Vault Geyser
11:43 – Tea Kettle Spring
12:32 – Pump Geyser
13:58 – Doublet Pool
14:40 – Aurum Geyser
15:00 – Beach Spring
16:25 – Ear Spring
17:25 – North Goggles Geyser
17:34 – Goggles Geyser
17:40 – Lion Geyser Group
18:18 – Heart Spring
19:40 – Marmot Cave Geyser
20:15 – Lion Geyser ERUPTING
23:57 – Depression Geyser
24:40 – Beehive Geyser
26:07 – Plume Geyser
26:28 – improbable geyser
26:45 – Little anemone Geyser
27:32 – Bronze Spring
27:58 Sulphide spring
34:18 – Blue Star Spring
35:39 – Chinese Spring
39:20 Old Faithful Lodge

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