Old Georgetown Colorado Walking Tour – Walking Trails for Treadmill – 4K City Walks Virtual Walk

Brrrr! It was cold and windy on this virtual walk through Georgetown, CO. It’s a beautiful and tiny old mining town visible as you descend along I-70 from the mountains. It’s incredibly picturesque nestled into a tight little valley and from the highway, it looks like a model or diorama. But, it’s a historic place with lots of neat old buildings and stores. This was a Sunday and thousands of people were leaving the ski resorts just up the road. I take you through on a little walking tour though; anyone can ski.

I hope you enjoy these virtual walks and treadmill scenery videos. I really do mean it when I say how much I enjoy reading your comments so please feel free to leave one below. Also, remind me if I forget to follow through with one of the things I say I’m going to do in the walks. Thanks and keep on Steppin’ -H

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