Welcome to Omaha, Nebraska

Rose Theater in Omaha, NE
The Rose Theater is just one of so many amazing historic buildings

I loved exploring Omaha, Nebraska and showing you lots of little details of the city. It’s one of the joys I get from making these virtual tours of cities. I didn’t know what to expect but Omaha blew me away. Such a cool town. I’d love to take the family back for a week and really explore all the city has to offer. Part of one day just doesn’t cut it.

Omaha, NE Treadmill Walking Video:

Omaha Nebraska Virtual Walking Tour Virtual Treadmill Walk

This second walk in Omaha starts almost exactly where the last one left off. We make our way back down the hill towards a couple of theaters exploring as we go. We end up back at the Old Market district. Notice the Omaha National Bank building (11:42)? There’s a duplicate in Kansas City which we’ll see on our next walk. I hope you enjoy these 4k virtual walking tours. If so, please consider sharing with your friends (you too, visitomaha).

Cool old brick building in downtown Omaha that we saw in our NE virtual tours of cities
When I film these virtual tours of cities, I see lots of neat old buildings that I wish I knew the story to.

Much like our first walk, Omaha really impressed me. We had a brisk late fall day. Omaha seems to have a lot of very cool things to do and lots of activities. Especially, the market area where we end up has a lot of interesting bars and restaurants. We also see a lot of cool cultural  and art museums and theaters. The Rose Theater is beautiful from the outside and the Orpheum is too.

I also loved the old details at the street level like at the Nustyle Development with its retro and no longer operational Napers store front. . Much appreciated and Happy Holidays.

Market District in Omaha, Nebraska
Omaha’s charming market district reminded me of Europe.

Wikipedia Entry:

Omaha is the largest city in the U.S. state of Nebraska and the county seat of Douglas County. Omaha is in the Midwestern United States on the Missouri River, about 10 miles (15 km) north of the mouth of the Platte River (also known as the Nebraska River). The nation’s 39th-largest city, Omaha’s 2020 census population was 486,051. Omaha’s pioneer period began in 1854, when the city was founded by speculators from neighboring Council Bluffs, Iowa. The city lies on the Missouri River, and a crossing called Lone Tree Ferry earned the city its nickname, the “Gateway to the West”. Omaha played host to the World’s Fair, dubbed the Trans-Mississippi Exposition, in 1898. During the 19th century, Omaha’s central location in the United States allowed it to become an important national transportation hub. Throughout the rest of the 19th century, the transportation and jobbing sectors were important in the city, along with its railroads and breweries. In the 20th century, the Omaha Stockyards, once the world’s largest, and its meatpacking plants gained international prominence. Notable modern Omaha inventions include the following: the “pink hair curler” created at Omaha’s Tip Top Products; Butter Brickle Ice Cream, and the Reuben sandwich, conceived by a chef at the then–Blackstone Hotel on 36th and Farnam Streets; cake mix, developed by Duncan Hines, then a division of Omaha’s Nebraska Consolidated Mills, ;center-pivot irrigation by the Omaha company now known as Valmont Corporation; Raisin Bran, developed by Omaha’s Skinner Macaroni Co.; the first ski lift in the U.S., in 1936, by Omaha’s Union Pacific Corp.; and the TV dinner, developed by Omaha’s Carl A. Swanson.

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