Welcome to Omaha, Nebraska. My short visit made me want to come back and really explore.

Omaha, NE Treadmill Walking Video:

Omaha Nebraska Virtual Treadmill Travel Tour – City Walks – Virtual Walking Tour and Workout

Wow! Omaha NE kind of blew my mind. I did not expect much from the largest city in NE and second largest city in the Great Plains.  Firstly, it’s pretty big but also a great mix of modern and historic. Secondly, it seems like it has a lot of great culture.

Downtown buildings in Omaha during citywalk live
Great old buildings during our walking tour

I start this walk down at the old Market area which was super cool. It reminded me of some of the old Paris markets. It had tons of old iron work and these canopy covered sidewalks. It had tons of old shops and restaurants.

Market district shop during our virtual walk
I loved the classic old store fronts in the market district on our virtual walking tour

Afterwards, we also get to see a really fascinating multi-block sculpture park: First National’s Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Park. This sculpture park is the largest installation of bronze and stainless steel work of art in the United States and one of the two or three largest in the world. It has elements built into the corners of buildings and I kept noticing new bits.

Part of a blocks long statue of pioneers in downtown Omaha
This is just part of a blocks long set of statues that stretches through Omaha

I did two walks in Omaha and several more in Kansas City and Sioux City. I really enjoyed discovering these cities (for me) and can’t wait to venture back. Keep on steppin’ -Henry

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