Take a walk to the neolithic stone circle of the Ring of Brodgar

Orkney Stone Circles on the Solstice – Virtual Walk Walking Treadmill Video – 4K City Walks:

Welcome to our final Orkney Walking Tour. We’ve had a great time exploring new parts of Scotland including these islands. On the Summer solstice we took part in a pagan druidic ritual. The summer light lasts long this far north. Don’t worry, no human sacrifices, but it was an interesting and fun event. However, before that I decided to do a walk between three closely placed neolithic sites. Orkney has a ton of these stone age houses and standing stones spread out over the island.

The Ring of Brodgar is part of the┬áHeart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Sit. It’s a series of fascinating neolithic domestic and ritual monuments built around 3000 BCE in the Orkney Islands.

This walk starts at the famous Barnhouse settlement, proceeds through the Standing Stones of Stenness, then follows along a path along the roadway past the Ness of Brodgar archeological site. Finally, it finishes up at the Ring of Brodgar itself, which is the most famous and largest of the sites. Unfortunately, (and not as surprisingly as it should be) I somehow lost the last 15 minutes of the walks so it ends a bit abruptly but I hope you enjoy it anyway. It was a very blustery night and just beautiful. If you ever get a chance to visit Orkney Islands (the islands north of Scotland) definitely take it. Their austere emptiness has a way of enchanting me.

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