The morning we left Blois (our previous walk), we stopped at astonishing Chambord before arriving in Orleans in the late afternoon.

Walking Video for Treadmill through Orleans

Walking Through Orleans, France in the Loire Valley – 4K City Walks Videos for Treadmill Workouts

Although it added a good chunk of miles to our ride that day, we decided to check out Chambord. It blew me away by it and I only wish I could have filmed a walk there. Alas, we didn’t have enough time. I hope you’ll take my word for it and content yourselves with a couple of photos.

Roofline of Chambord Chateau prior to virtual walking tour
The extravagant roofline of Chambord meant to evoke Constantinople

Bicycle Tour rider in front of Chambord Chateau in spring before virtual walking tour of Orleans
My son on his bike with Chambord chateau in the background

This virtual walk takes place in Orleans which also has a ton of charm. Orleans also has a ton of vitality and life and more than just a staid museum. Orleans, like our previous walks in this series (see below) rests on the storied Loire River. This time of year, the river is full to over flowing but Orleans has a wonderful riverside area that we’ll visit. The locals relax here in the evening sun this time of year.
But this evening I am starting our walking tour of Orleans at the Cathédrale Sainte-Croix d’Orléans as the evening light makes it glow. Although closed for the day, its towers anchor the end of the beautiful Rue Jeanne d’Arc. The street is lined with colorful flags and fancy shops.

Street Tram on Rue Jeanne D'Arc in Orleans virtual walk
The beautiful Rue Jeanne D’Arc

Old Town Orleans to the Loire River

We’ll make a left turn onto Orleans on Rue Charles Sanglier. I’ll take another left on Rue De Bourgogne into the old heart of the city with it’s medieval houses, pedestrian areas, and cafes. These car-free areas are so amazing and add so much to a city, in my opinion. Data also shows that areas that implement strategic pedestrian zones see an uptick in business traffic.

Medieval Buildings in evening light during Orelans, France Virtual walking tour
I love these old half-timbered medieval buildings

After a bit, I’ll make a right turn to take you down to the riverfront area. It’s getting later and the sun has set but the golden light still makes everything magical and calming. Especially as we get to the river. Young and old are out enjoying the public space along the river. Planted, mature trees give shade and clean the air as the river rolls by and the unique Loire style boats bob at their moorings. It’s an amazing scene.

River bank in evening by Loire in Orleans with trees and people socializing during virtual tour
Relaxing by the Loire river in the evening light during our city walk

I take you back up towards the cathedral which we’ll see from its southern side and we’ll get a great view of its rosette stained glass and flying buttresses. I only wish I could explore inside with you.

I’ll return to Rue Bourgogne and make my way back to the park at Pétanque Les miraculé de Saint Aignan where they play the bocci like game. It’s also where our hotel is located so good night Walkers. Tomorrow turned out to be a rainy day for bike riding.

South side of Cathédrale Sainte-Croix d'Orléansduring my virtual treadmill walking tour
The south side of Cathédrale Sainte-Croix d’Orléans has flying buttresses and wonderful crown shaped towers.

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