view of snowy mountains through trees
If you peak through the trees, you can get some really nice views

Today’s virtual walking tour is a return to Palisades Falls. We hiked this nature trail a couple of years ago at a similar time of year. The falls are located up Hyalite Canyon to the east of the reservoir. It’s a relatively short, paved trail with a bit of ice this time of year. Still, it’s very accessible.

Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill to Palisades Falls – Nature Walking Tours

If nothing else, the drive up to Hyalite Canyon is worth it. The locals love this area since they can get up here in about a half our. You’ll get the most dramatic views as you drive along the northern side of the reservoir. But, this trail also leads through some very nice trees and forests. The waterfall will wow you as well, of course. It’s very tall and this time of year, it has lots of ice and the creek flows out beneath ice as well.

Bridge over frozen creek
Frozen creek at the base of Palisade Falls

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