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View of mountains in Hyalite Canyon
If you sneak around the corner, you can capture this snowy mountain view

I asked for suggestions a couple walks ago and Tom, on of our Patreon supporters, suggested Palisade Falls. I love it when you guys suggest walks and even more when I can do them so quickly. Palisade Falls trail is paved, short, and fairly easy. Located up by Hyalite Reservoir outside Bozeman, it’s officially 1.2 miles round trip to the falls and back and in nicer weather, an easy walk.

icy path and bridge under tree
The path can be very icy

Because this trail is paved, it can be quite busy. You’ll find that on weekends in the summer this trail is packed with families, seniors, and hikers of all sorts.
The falls themselves are in an amphitheater of basalt columns and the water flowing down the volcanic remnants make the crowds worth it, especially on cool summer mornings.

Palisades Falls Trailhead
The view from the trailhead

The trail head has ample parking, a pit toilet, and a picnic area.
We had a bit of ice and snow this morning. I hope you enjoy this relaxing travel tour, treadmill walk, or whatever you want to call it. I had a great morning in the forest and I’m happy I get to share it with you. Thanks Tom. -H

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