4K City Walks: Tallinn Estonia Pirita Beach to Kodriorg – Virtual Walk Walking Treadmill Video

In today’s Treadmill Travel Video we take you from the best beach in Tallinn, Estonia back towards town and the Kodriorg Park area. Thousands of people enjoyed the warm shallow water on a warm, sunny, summer day of Pirita Beach on the Baltic Sea. On this tour you will start at the beach in the late afternoon, walk a short distance along the Pirita River and then several miles back along the water and a main road past the war memorial and song festival grounds until you reach the Kodriorg Park. -Henry

During our month in Tallinn, Estonia we filmed five walks (and more in Finland and Russia). Check them out:

Walk through Tallin’s Medieval Old Town
Exploring Tallinn, Estonia’s Telliskivi Neighborhood
Walking through Kodriorg Park in Tallin, Estonia
Tallin’s Kodriorg Neighborhood Walk

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