I’ve never tried to go to a city and found ZERO hotel rooms available but that happened to us in Tours one day so we had to take a detour to Poitiers. Luckily this meant a chance to film another city walk.

The Walking Video for Treadmill

FRANCE: Poitiers Virtual Walking Tour – 4k City Walking Videos for Treadmill

Interior of Église Notre-Dame la Grande in Poitiers during virtual walk for treadmill citywalks
Shafts of light between painted Romanesque columns illuminate the Église Notre-Dame la Grande

Such a beautiful morning for a virtual walk in France. It was a fortuitous problem that led us there. After a long day of cycling, we had to jump straight onto a train in Tours. We arrived in Poitiers a bit before dinner. Luckily, this gave me a chance to at least get a quick look around the evening before filming this walk. The morning was quiet and I let Anders go out on his own to grab breakfast somewhere while I filmed the virtual walk.

The Poitiers Hotel de Ville from the end of Place d'Armes on a sunny morning citywalks
The lovely Hotel de Ville in Poitiers just screams elegance

I start the walk out in the lovely Place d’armes where the Hotel de Ville is located (the city hall). I kind of fell in love with the color in the bright morning light. Nevertheless, I headed west in the direction of the train station before curving south through a residential area. With its narrow ancient streets and shops and people going about their daily lives. Looping back towards the Place d’armes, I curve around behind the City Hall exploring as I go.

Poitiers is home to a major university since the 1400’s that now has nearly 30,000 students. Today, it is quiet though and I start to see more locals starting their day and walk past the glorious smells coming from the boulangeries and patisseries that I pass.

Stumbling on the Église Notre-Dame la Grande

Exterior of Église Notre-Dame la Grande in Place De Gaul in Poitiers during virtual city walks
The outside of the wonderful Église Notre-Dame la Grande

Eventually I stumble on the historic, Romanesque church: Église Notre-Dame la Grande. While much smaller than most of the cathedrals we saw on our trip, this one had unique painted columns holding up its lofty arches inside and I found the rays of light streaming in just magical. Located in the Place Charles de Gaul, I almost didn’t go in, afraid I might not be allowed but I gave the door a tug and it opened so in I went.

Market stalls outside Église Notre-Dame la Grande during citywalks
Église Notre-Dame la Grande market

Outside the church, I walk us past a little market with local vendors selling their wares. I take you through some more old streets with medieval buildings. I pass a squad of military patrolling the area but I find my way back to our starting point, regardless.

Old houses and market stalls in Poitiers, France
I love the old houses that are still in use and lookin out over a market

I hope you enjoy this walking video for treadmill from Poitiers as much as I enjoyed making it for you. Keep on Steppin’ -Henry

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