Tourists in Pompeii UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Centauro di Igor Mitoraj in the Pompeii Forum

Explore More of the ruins of ancient Pompeii. Walk the ancient streets of this Roman port city, preserved in volcanic ash for millenia. Learn about the people that lived there and their grisly end.

Ready for another tour of Pompeii? The site is such an amazing UNESCO World Heritage Archeological Park. The ruins of this ancient city are famous for how well they were preserved after the 79 A.D. Mt Vesuvius Eruption that buried it in pumice and pyroclastic debris. It’s also just a quick train ride from Naples and Sorrento in Southern Italy.

We had such an amazing visit. A key for us was taking a guided tour in the morning that really helped point out various details that we might not otherwise have picked up. The written and audio self-guided tours are available but we just learn so much more from a guide, especially since our boys always seem to have such great questions.

Umbrella pine trees provide shade outside of Pompeii's Amphitheater
I love these umbrella pines and it’s fun to visit Pompeii’s amphitheater too

Definitely be sure to take some food and water with you and make sure you know where the bathrooms are beforehand. It’s a big place with limited facilities and just the one restaurant. We waited a LONG time to get food. But, on the upside, the restaurant employees were wonderfully pleasant given the crowds. I hope you enjoy our latest virtual walks.
Keep on Steppin’ -H

streets of pompeii crowded with tourists
The crowds can making walking the streets of ancient Pompeii tedious at times but if you go early or late, it’s less crowded

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