The 2022 floods ravaged the area, rewrote the river, and showed how communities can and do rally to support one another.

Gardiner Montana 4K City Walk, Post Flood update on a Gateway to Yellowstone National Park Virtual Walk

Today we head down to Gardiner, MT, a usually bustling gateway town to Yellowstone. However, the northern entrance to the national park has closed due to the damage from the historic flooding back in June. If you travel to Gardiner, you can find lots of other stuff to do of course and plenty of vacancy in hotels and apartments. Restaurants have stayed open, as have white water rafting, e-bike tours, and much more. Check it out. -H

UPDATE: Gardiner is open for business. The Park Service built a new road from town up to Mammoth with some wonderful views. Restaurants have expanded and tour providers have returned. Check out the town if you are in the area. So much to do including rafting, rodeos, and riding ebikes.

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