View of the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Perhaps the most famous fountain in the world

Wow! Rome is amazing and Rome Walking Tours are so much fun to make. We are ending our Italy trip here and we are so glad we did. It earns every bit of its reputation as a great world city. We found the city center easily walkable and packed with famous landmarks and everyday beauty. We had wonderful food and shopped in amazing places. We used a VRBO Rental but you can find big fancy hotels, small boutique hotels, and major chains.  Walk around and see some of the most famous sites in Rome.

🇮🇹 Walking Tour of Heart of ROME ITALY – Virtual Treadmill Workout Walk at Home – City Walks 4K60

Turn on your subtitles/CC for more info. We are mixing it up again in Italy. We chose a great place to end our three month trip in Italia.
Rome never ceases to excite the senses and energize my sense of wonder. I love this kind of city that has something to offer from every nook and cranny. We can walk just about everywhere and find ancient structures that don’t even make the tour books because they are already full of amazing places. This tour takes you along some of the most popular destinations in the heart of the old center between the river Tiber and the forum. We filmed five walks in Rome and still only scratched the surface. I hope you enjoy this as you walk at home on your treadmill workout or just enjoy a calm and relaxing tour through the Eternal City. Leave a comment below with corrections, memories, and personal stories of your own.

The Pantheon in Rome, Italy
The Pantheon is a self-healing concrete temple dating back thousands of years

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