Walking through Rome past Baths of Caracalla and the Circus Maximus to the Colosseum

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We are walking in Rome again today and this time we are back to talking. We are starting out by the Catacombs and making our way back past the Baths of Caracalla and the Circus Maximus to the Colosseum. The afternoon light is lovely and we amble under large umbrella like pine trees. These are the stone pines of Rome. They are sometimes also called umbrella pines or parasol pines for their top-heavy appearance with a flat canopy. The scientific name for the Roman trees is Pinus Pinea. They line streets and boulevards around the city and add to the park like ambience.

While we don’t go into the catacombs, I’d highly recommend a tour if you haven’t visited one before. The Baths of Caracalla served as public baths and the scale of them is quite impressive. Even in their ruined state I found them impressive. Less so for the Circo Maximo as the Italians call the Circus Maximus (latin). While they have a similar large scale, what remains doesn’t connote the grandeur from movies like Ben Hur. Still fun to grab a glimpse. We walk past the Palatine Hill which I may call the Roman Forum. I definitely recommend going into the park but the Forum lies on the other side of the hill and better viewed from Via dei Fori Imperiali. Still it has impressive ruins of its own and they are fun to poke around. Finally, we end at the Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum. Our next walk will lead off from there.

I hope you enjoy these walks in Rome. For more walks from Italy or other locations, use the dropdown to the right or the search field.

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