Victor Emanuelle II Monument in Rome
It’s not as old but it sure is impressive. Monument to Victor Emmanuel II

Rome is both an ancient and a modern city. It has so much to offer everyone who visits, except maybe roller coasters(?). If you look you will find great food, music, art, and of course, history. And sometimes when you don’t look. This virtual walk follows a path that includes some of the most recognizable historic spots in the city. Check the timestamps below if you want to jump ahead.

Rome, Italy Virtual Walking Tour – Colosseum, Roman Forum, Curia of Pompey

Our Final walk in Rome and Italy! It’s a bit sad to say goodbye to these for now, even though it was filmed in November of last year. Still, we had such a wonderful trip and I have enjoyed sharing these walks with you all and reading your comments.

This afternoon, we start off at the Colossuem, walk around it, down the Via Dei Fori Imperiali, past the epic Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, and over to the Curia of Pompey (aka Pompey’s Theater) where Julius Caesar was supposedly murdered.

Enjoy this last Roman virtual tours of cities

family walking towards rome's colosseum
Yep, it’s that big

00:07 Arch of Constantine
00:14 Date and Weather
01:37 West side of Colosseum
04:18 S. Side of Colosseum – Overlook
07:00 East Side of Colosseum
09:40 North Side of Colosseum
12:38 Colosseum Entrance
16:27 Back exit to Palantine Hill
17:30 Via Dei For Imperiali road
19:27 Basilica of Maxentius on left
22:02 Roman Carriage
22:29 Overlook of Roman Forum
24:30 2nd Overlook of Roman Forum and Curia Iulia
27:00 Foro di Augusto
28:01 Pro-Ukraine Rally
29:28 Trajans Forum
29:45 Trajan’s Column
30:02 Monument to Victor Emmanuel II
35:17 Via Degli Stalli
36:25 Cool old door
36:40 Piazza Morgana
37:49 Via De Delfini
38:34 Palazzo Patrizi Clementi
39:32 Piazza Mattei and the Turtle Fountain Fontana delle Tartarughe
41:42 Via Arenula

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