Let’s Explore the monumental grandeur of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican, City with one of our virtual treadmill walks.

Rome, Italy Walking Tour – Inside St. Peter’s Basilica – 4K City Walks Virtual Tours of Cities

Today is a bit special. St. Peter’s Basilica should be one of the wonders of the world. It contains so much art, history, and ornate tribute to God that it inspires some deep thoughts. While the scale goes beyond description. It’s just something you have to experience.

We take a slow meander around the interior and talk about some of the basics but really, it could take a full day or more to fully explore. We then walk outside into St Peters Square. It’s all part of Vatican City, a distinct nation unto itself.

St. Peter’s took 120 years to build and hosts some of the most ostentatious sculpture, art, and tombs in Christendom. The sheer size boggles the mind and I found it very difficult to accurately convey the scale of the place. The lighting was also a challenge so forgive the grainy footage. One could really do several masters thesi (sp?) on its contents. As one of the chief attractions in Rome, you have to stand in line to get in and share the space with the crowds. I would imagine if you came early, and in the off season, you might get more space.

I highly recommend visiting regardless. It really was a moving experience. I think it would be even more beautiful on a sunny day as the sun shines through the windows on the cupola and stream down in beams to the floor.

We also venture out to the Piazza which also dazzles with its scale and grandeur.
I’m filing this under “Italy” even though Vatican City is technically it’s own sovereign country.

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